SMOK POZZ X RPM Refillable Replacement Pods ~ 2ml ~ 100% Genuine ~ 3 Pack

SMOK POZZ X RPM Refillable Replacement Pods ~ 2ml ~ 100% Genuine ~ 3 Pack

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Among the most awe-striking examples of Smok starter kits is the latest innovation, the Pozz X Pod Mod Kit. Featuring brilliant design elements and rip-roaring performance metrics, this sub-compact device is already lighting up the vaping community. To support the mod’s rapidly rising popularity, the vaunted manufacturer introduced the Smok Pozz X Replacement Pods (3 Pack). Featuring three empty (no coils included) cartridges, they allow you to experiment with multiple Smok coils to find the one that suits your preferences precisely.

As usual with the Smoktech brand, what separates its products from the rest of the competition is exceptional build quality. As you’ll find with the Smok Pozz X Replacement Pods, this acumen and commitment extends to vape accessories and OEM components. Here, these empty cartridges are built using PCTG premium-grade materials. Typically, they’re found in luxury cosmetic and food packaging, ensuring that you’re vaping through only top-shelf elements.

Now, there’s temptation to believe that all pods are the same – and to some extent, that’s an accurate assumption. However, with the Smok Pozz X Replacement Pods, the vape manufacturer raises the benchmark for compact vaporizer innovations. Integrated on the sidewall of the Pozz X cartridge are three symmetrical air intake slots. Primarily engineered for maximum airflow, these channels have a secondary benefit of mitigating turbulence. Therefore, every draw that you take will be evenly balanced and consistent throughout multiple sessions.

Additionally, the Smok Pozz X Replacement Pods utilized knurled adjustable airflow rings at the bottom of the cartridge. For adjustment, simply pop out the cartridge and twist the ring to your desired setting. Open up the channels for loose, soothing draws that help you unwind a busy day. Or narrow the slots for satisfyingly tight draws and robust throat hits.

Each of the Smok Pozz X Replacement Pods have an e-liquid reservoir capacity of 4.5ml. This is more than enough to last you several rich and generous sessions before requiring a refill. Better yet, the translucent design of the reservoir will key you in on when this moment will arrive. To replenish your pod, simply pop it out, open the rubber seal on the bottom sidewall, revealing a large fill portal. Drip in your choice concoctions, reinstall the pod, and you’re on your way.

- Replacement Pods For Smok Pozz X Pod kit

- 4.5ml Capacity

- No Coil Included

- Pack of 3